Follow Your Tastebuds with our New Trailblazer Bowl

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I’m heading into 2022 feeling refreshed and optimistic. If you follow First Watch, you already know that a new year means new fresh flavors, and I’m so proud of the Jump Start seasonal menu we introduced earlier this month!

It’s important for me to share some of the stories and inspiration behind our menu, because as you know, my true love (besides my beautiful wife and kids) is food!

You see, I love to set some intentions for the year, and after the past 18 months and the challenging environment we’re faced with, my focus is on spending more time in the great outdoors with the family. If you’re a Floridian like me, this time of year is perfect for outdoor adventures like boating, fishing or biking and some of the best produce we have in FL is blooming right now like strawberries, oranges and grapefruit! I love showing my kids all the places that I explored when I was younger and seeing their excitement as they learn about nature, food and life!

For me, that spirit of adventure comes to life in our new Jump Start seasonal menu too – It’s the inspiration for our Trailblazer Bowl. There’s a lot of love and intention behind this dish!

We start every morning hand pulling our roasted turkey breast and roasting sweet potatoes for this bowl. Then, we add half of an avocado dusted with our very own Superseed crunch, which you’ll also find on our Superseed Protein Pancakes. We finish this bowl off with perfectly scrambled eggs and fresh arugula, and then finish with a lemon tahini dressing to pull the flavors all together. For me, this dish is all about balance and exploring a new way to look at breakfast! The difference in texture from the smooth avocado to the superseed crunch and the crisp, peppery arugula alongside the deep, rich and nutty tahini dressing really shed light on a new and exciting way to experience these ingredients!

Follow where your taste buds take you. Our Trailblazer Bowl is one to add to the top of your list.

Thanks for being on this adventure with us.


Chef Shane