The Brooklyn Breakfast Sandwich

New Deli

It’s hard to imagine life without pastrami, and even harder to imagine a world without delis. But the fact is, they didn’t always exist. In fact, they may have made their way to the United States at the exact same time!

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Yep, when Sussman Volk, a butcher from Lithuania, immigrated to New York in the late 1800s he brought with him a Romanian friend’s recipe for cured beef that had yet to make it to our shores. That recipe was for the pastrami we currently know and love – and, as it turns out, the folks of New York really loved it back then too. So much so that Sussman Volk’s butcher shop became overcrowded with guests clamoring for the famed pastrami. He began serving it on rye bread. Then he added mustard…and the crowds grew. Eventually, the demand led him to invest in a bigger venue where he could not only sell freshly butchered and sliced meats but also serve them on proper sandwiches to seated guests

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And so, the first NY delicatessen serving the first NY pastrami came to be. Or so they say.

And what do we say? We’ll let our new seasonal Brooklyn Breakfast Sandwich tell our story. Enjoy!