Introducing Our Brand New Spring Menu

Put a Spring in Your Step!

Is the sunshine hitting you just right? Find yourself greeting the morning with a soundtrack of bird chirps and happy dances? Yeah, it’s not just you – Spring has officially sprung! And with it, our new Spring Menu is shining with Instagrammable dishes, premium proteins from land and sea, and – of course –feel-good brightness that only Spring can bring.

We’ve brought back a fan favorite (which happens to also be our CEO Chris Tomasso’s favorite, as well): Shrimp and Grits, featuring Bob’s Red Mill Cheddar Parmesan cheese grits.  In the spirit of the season, bold, new flavors are also on the menu, with distinct hints of heat to spice up your next visit. If your tastebuds want to stay landside, put a fork in our new Chorizo Sunrise Sandwich featuring savory chorizo sausage patties from Jones Dairy Farm. Or, embrace your sea legs and dive into our Crab Cake Benedict, featuring crab cakes from Phillips covered in sriracha hollandaise (oh yes, it’s the real deal). Each of these dishes packs a tasteful punch with only the best quality ingredients, thanks to our longstanding partners, who join us in following the sun to ensure every bite is as fresh as the season.

Take a look at everything our Spring Menu has to offer, available* through May 29th:

From the Juice Bar:

Whether you’re sipping on our Pineapple Express or spicing it up with our sriracha-hollandaise-covered Crab Cake Benedict, this menu truly has something for everyone to get excited about. So, what are you waiting for? Stop by your local First Watch to put a spring in your step. Your tastebuds will thank you later.

Chef Shane

*Not available in the Tampa Bay area