Purple Haze is Here to Stay!

That’s right! We heard you and we were overwhelmed by the love you showed for Purple Haze. This color changing treat landed on our seasonal menu back in 2021 and when we decided to bring it back this year, we knew it needed to stay. Now you can enjoy our spin on a lavender lemonade whenever you’d like.

So, how did we come up with the Purple Haze?

We wanted to create something different here.  It’s not your average lemonade. As you know when dining at First Watch, we are passionate about fun and exciting ingredients.The Purple Haze gives you the refreshing taste of lemonade made with real cane sugar, but with a little twist. We added in lavender and butterfly pea flower tea.

What’s butterfly pea flower tea?

Butterfly pea flower tea comes from the butterfly pea flower. It’s a little blue flower that grows in Southeast Asia. When you steep this flower in water, it creates a beautiful rich blue color. When the tea is added to something acidic like lemonade, the pH level changes and blend the blue to a deep purple that hovers over the lemonade. *Cue the ombre affect*

This juice isn’t just for looks though. It’s helping your immune system! It provides antioxidant support, helps with inflammation and enhances your hair growth, skin health, eyesight and mood. So, some may say it’s on the sweeter side, but after that first sip, you can feel good knowing you’re helping your immune system.

When to enjoy it?

Grab a Purple Haze when you’re visiting with friends for brunch at one of our restaurants or take it elsewhere – adventuring on the weekend or just running errands in the afternoon. Whenever I bring my family in on the weekend, I’ll take a Purple Haze to go so I can sip on it all day long. It can be enjoyed wherever. It’s refreshing. It’s guilt free. It’s beautiful. It’s delicious.

Stop by your local First Watch to grab your taste of Purple Haze or order online to have one waiting for you when you get there!