Project Sunrise
Is More Than Coffee.

Single origin, perfectly roasted, Arabica coffee beans
the Mujeres en Café (or Women in Coffee) of Huila, Colombia

It’s a Story of Partnerships, People and Passion.
This Is That Story.

From bean to boat
to breakfast.

The journey of a Project Sunrise coffee bean couldn’t be done without all the people we work with who dedicate their lives to coffee.

We could go on...and we will! It all starts with our partners, the Mujeres en Café (or Women in Coffee) of Huila, Colombia. These inspiring women are so many things to so many people—farmers, business owners, sisters, mothers, friends, teachers, leaders. (It’s an ever-growing list, so we’ll stop there for now.) Under their expertise, only the best beans make their way to First Watch.

The adventure North begins with strong and dedicated packers and shippers, who ensure every bag of single origin, Arabica coffee beans makes its way safely from South America to the United States. And then, of course, our talented roasters and tasters work their specialized combination of magic and science to transform those green beans into the roasty, toasty coffee beans we all know and love. For more information on all the steps taken before you have that delicious first sip of Project Sunrise, check out the process below.

Project Sunrise

Better Coffee.
Better World.

The journey of our Project Sunrise coffee begins long before it starts your day. And we think each sip is worth every step.

More Than Meets the Sunrise

We wake up inspired by food and hungry for knowledge, every single day. And we think that’s a good place to start.

Food Ethos
Trailblazer Bowl with farm-raised chicken, sweet potatoes, fresh avocado and lightly dressed mised greens

Brewed In-Store and In-Your-Kitchen

A rich, smooth sip of Project Sunrise coffee is the perfect way to start your day. Purchase bags of our Project Sunrise coffee at your neighborhood First Watch.

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