Food Ethos: We Follow

Trailblazer Bowl with farm-raised chicken, sweet potatoes, fresh avocado and lightly dressed mised greens

Just as we greet each morning with the sunrise, we welcome each season into the First Watch menu with ingredients and flavors inspired by the position of the sun. That’s why on our menu you’ll find vibrant, green California-grown asparagus in April, or the most refreshing Florida watermelon in July, or tender, sweet yellow corn from the midwest in August.

Ingredients First

We start bright and early each morning preparing exceptional ingredients to deliver an experience that feels good and tastes even better.

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Pour Me Something Fresh

For our signature drip coffee, we wanted a truly special roast, so we started Project Sunrise, venturing to Colombia to find the richest beans and to personally meet the female farmers who grow them.

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Quality that never skips a beet

Colorful woodcut illustration of a beet

Day to day, dish to dish, we obsess over every detail and every step.

It takes time to uncover the best ingredients, to build relationships with bakers, makers and growers, and to explore the most delicious way to feature these ingredients on our menu.

We believe that our attention to detail translates into your oozing egg yolk moment, brunch cheers and a million dollar morning.

Table full of brunch items, including: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with fresh strawberries, and Kale Tonic fresh juice